True Tears Review

True Tears

This review will contain spoilers, read at your own discretion


When my friend approached me and recommended me this anime I knew I had to watch it right away. He said that it was PA works’ first anime that they ever created and it was one of the best. If you are unfamiliar with PA works, they produced Glasslip and Nagi no Asukara. Since I really enjoy both works I really wanted to check this one out. It really did not disappoint and it started off with the typical love triangle that PA works loves to do. There was also the “original chicken girl”. (PA works must love their chickens) In anycase, I just finished watching the whole anime and my friend wanted me to note down all the symbolism that I saw during my time watching. He currently is on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it, but maybe I will edit in his response later.

The meaning of True Tears, the title of the anime. “Tears occur when your heart wavers”. That was probably one of the most significant lines of the anime that occurred in the last episode. The whole anime was based on a lot of themes. To point out a couple we have the sky/drawings, flying, chickens, and last but not least we have tears. The first three are re-occurring themes that are interconnected with one another. The sky, the ultimate dream that we want to achieve and the drawings were a play out of those dreams. Flying, the event that takes place once we be true to ourselves and be able to let go of our emotions. The chickens, were a representation of two characters. Raigomaru was Shinichiro, and Jibeta was Isurugi Noe. The final symbol we have were the tears, the representation of how our heart wavers for each other. If you notice when and where these characters cry you can see where their feelings lie in this anime.

How does this all connect? From the very beginning we have Shinichiro drawing even before he met Isurugi Noe. “You would have drawn even without me”- Noe. What exactly did he draw? It is implied that he was drawing the tears of Hiromi. His goal from the start was to create those wavering tears, to be able to move Hiromi. Next, we have the whole interaction of Jibeta and Raigomaru. Raigomaru had struggles flying (in the story book). Shinichiro also had trouble revealing his true feelings towards Hiromi, so what is the catalyst? In the story book, we have Jibeta be a great friend towards Raigomaru, he encouraged Raigomaru to take flight, but in the end fell short of his own death by trying to fly himself. This juxtaposes basically what happens in the anime. Isurugi encourages Shinichiro to fly, to realize his true feelings, and he realizes that he’s actually not in love with Isurugi, which lead to the death of my ship. (My ship sank REAL HARD) So even though they were dating, Shinichiro broke up with Noe to be with Hiromi who also revealed her true feelings.

I was honestly pretty thrown off by the ending, I really thought that Noe and Shinichiro would end up together, that he would make her cry through joy instead of pain. But now that I see the way the author wrote this, I can see where the beauty in the anime comes from. However, I am still quite upset. My ship sank, although I do like Hiromi, she kinda crashed my world a little. It does make sense though why this ship works better than mine, but I feel like the author could have swung it either way at the end. But in the end, Shinichiro rememberd why he did everything, he did it all for Hiromi, he did it to see “those eyes”.

At the end he said, he could draw because of Noe. I believe Noe was the catalyst for Hiromi and Shinichiro. At the end he cries when telling Noe that he loves Hiromi because it was painful for him to tell her that.

All that said and done, I still don’t know the significance of “the snow falling”

This is of course my own view of the symbolism, if you think I missed something or would like to argue about it, feel free to leave a comment




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