Tokyo Ghoul 08


Human or Ghoul, which one deserves life, which one deserves death. When I first started watching this series I had no idea what to expect. I saw a bunch of graphic scenes and instantly fell in love with the series. It had quick paced action, really beautiful scenes, and also had a fairly decent and original plot. I enjoy how the author of this story really makes ussee the human side of the ghouls. Throwing in the idea that ghoul’s should be treated equally and that they deserve to live. I feel like that’s what makes this anime enjoyable and unique, is that it’s unique take on how the ghouls just want to live peacefully. (at least the good ones do)

This episode revolved around the revenge of Hina’s Parents and also revenge of the inspectors friends. There was a lot of juxtaposing this episode. On one hand we have Touka, who murdered the inspectors and then we have the mad scientist who murdered Hina’s parents. Touka wants revenge for Hina, and the inspector’s friend wants revenge for the death of his friends.

I really like the way they set-up the episode. They use the classic war dilema. “You killed my friend so I kill yours” That’s the infinite loop of fighting, it will just go on until there is no one left. That’s where the half ghoul half human aspect of the anime comes in play. Now to be honest, I don’t really like kaneki, but I really like Rize. I like his ghoul half a lot more than his human half. I don’t know why, but the way the Kana Hanazawa voice acts Rize just makes me crazy about her. She is so good at voice acitng it’s incredible. Her voice sends chills down my spine and seriously did an amazing job.

If you havent seen this show yet, I have to say it is a very good show. This summer is just ripe with good anime


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