Sword Art Online 09


Oh my goodness my SAO nerd senses are tingling because this episode was so sick. So epic, I don’t even know the words to describe my emotions while watching this show. The animations done by A-1 are perfect and fluid as Kirito moves and dances with his sword. The crazyness that is SAO has appeared and I am loving it. There is a lot of suspense, a lot of action but there is also a lot of downtime when they are just literally talking. I don’t mind that they are taking their time with the series and I really don’t mind the talking an explanations. I think some of it is really good and some of it not so good, but put the not so good parts aside and we get a lot of really good quality content.

Shinon, She is clearly falling in love with our hero kirito. How do I feel about one more person being drawn into the harem? Not bad at all, I mean cmon, were talking about kirito here. He’s the James Bond of SAO. I don’t have a problem with this and to be honest, fans shouldn’t have a problem either. There are people out there who believe Kirito is apart of his own harem…. Grow up… you nerds who really think Kirito likes himself are just disgusting. Trolls will be Trolls. I don’t know why the trolls watch an anime they “don’t like”. Just don’t watch it. Simple. That’s all I have to say about that.

So typical of SAO to leave us off with a nice cliffhanger. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t watch this while it was airing so I can just watch it all in one go. Shinon NOOOOO!


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