About CYAnime

Well, Upon request of a good friend of mine. I will post something about me. I really didn’t want to reveal the identity of CYanime, but I guess a little bit won’t hurt the soul.

For my close friend Victor



Oh Canada indeed. I am first and foremost a Canadian. I say “eh” a lot in my sentences, I LOVE watching hockey, and I am mindful of my manners! I love living here and being here in this awesome country. You might have noticed from my grammar and spelling that my spelling is Canadian spelling. ie. favourite.

2. I am a Music Major

I love music, all types of music and infact I am a music major. This is why I will rant on and on about OP’s ED’s and whatever music was in the anime. I rate it HIGHLY, because it is a very important part to me. If you are wondering I play the Euphonium for my major. DONT ASK WHAT IS JUST LOOK



If you don’t know what league of legends is, you need to get educated. I love playing league just as much if not more than playing Starcraft II. I am gamer and I love it. My goal is to hit Platinum V before the season ends. I play all roles except top lane and I hate playing top. My favourite champion is Ezreal and I liked him before he was cool.


4. Softball / Baseball are my favourite sports

I think it goes without saying that most of us anime watchers don’t really get out very much. We sit down, watch anime, play games, eat. AND THEN WHAT? Well I have found the solution to the problem. SOFTBALL. It is my favourite sport to PLAY. YES I PLAY SPORTS IN THE SUMMER! I am going to rep my team Themelios in this blog, even though they probably won’t even read this. I love softball, I am the center fielder and take control of the outfield. Call me the golden glove. PLS.


I uploaded a picture with my team. I will NOT DISCLOSE WHICH ONE IS ME. Personal friends. please dont.

5. Dang, stuck on the last one. Not a very interesting guy…

I… like…. Anime?… no that’s too obvious…

I GOT IT. I PLAY OSU… Add pls Harmonicmix. P.S. Im really quite bad at this game


I thought I would take the shot from my first ever 1000x combo. heheheh If anyone was wondering this is nano – nevereverland

Well, that’s basically who I am. I’m not a very interesting guy


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