Why Anime?

At first I thought Anime was just silly cartoons made in Japan. I was taken back by the culture, unfamiliar with it, and not understanding of it, I just shoved it aside as if it were another weird and strange thing. I dismissed it as something that I should not spend my time learning, and understanding. So, I went around calling my friends strange for watching so much anime. Of course I liked naruto and deathnote, those were cool. But Love? Romance? In anime? That just sounds silly and boring…

Then one day, I was introduced to Nodame Cantabile. An anime that one of my friends at school was talking about. I watched it… What?! An anime about music students in university?! THATS ME!

I couldn’t stop watching and before I knew it, my world had changed from thinking anime was weird and strange to wanting to understand more of this weird and strange culture. I dove into it. I went head first. I watched so much anime, I ended up watching the slow and un-exciting Clannad and finished it still remembering the tears that rolled down my face after watching it.

They aren’t just cartoons. They are stories. They are feelings. They are peoples dreams and peoples hardships. It is a form of art. It is beautiful. It is disgusting. It is anime.

For better or worse, I have to come to understand now that we can’t judge things without knowing it. We can’t go around and saying things you think are strange without diving into their minds and seeing how they feel. Now, I watch anime all the time because of the stories to be told and the laughs to be had. I hope that you too will try to give it an understanding… A chance.


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