Rating System

Hello Cyanime followers new and old. I don’t have any formal rating system, nor do I find myself seriously rating my anime’s based on how good it actually is, but rather how much it impacted me and how much I enjoyed the anime itself. Of course, rating anime is a sticky situation which all bloggers have to put themselves into. Do I enjoy rating it? Of course I enjoy rating anime, but the thing is, not everyone is going to like the reasons why I gave the anime a higher rating or vice versa. Live with it, These are my personal preferences and honestly, I have some very strange taste. If not, I find myself talking about my personal thoughts and aspects of anime more than anything else.

I rate based on a 1-10 scale. Although I really rarely give anything below a 3 or a 4. My average rating is around a 7.4. on MAL. Generally, I give higher ratings because well… I like anime…. I’m going to give you a layout of what the points mean to me



  • The anime was dismal/did not achieve anything
  • Art was fuzzy, incomplete, and incredibly disturbing to look at
  • Sound was off key and not catchy, incredibly disturbing to listen to
  • Note that I have never in my life given a rating such as this


  • Confusing plot, hard to follow/ incredibly boring
  • Art was decent but not perfect
  • Music is listenable, soundtrack is listenable
  • Character designs/personalities/traits are poor
  • Enjoyability levels at this point are not tolerable


  • Plot is decent but below average/ difficult to follow/ slow moving
  • Art is decent
  • Music can be enjoyable however I will not download the song / Original Soundtracks can be enjoyable however I will not download the song
  • Character designs/ personality traits are decent, but do not leave an impression
  • Enjoyability levels are medium to low, Generally under-average


  • Plot is on par with standard plots/generic plot / normal moving pace
  • Art is average and on par
  • Music is enjoyable and downloadable
  • Character designs / personality traits are average and generally leave an impression
  • Enjoyability levels are on average good, I probably enjoyed this anime


  • Plot is above standard, interesting and original / quicker moving pace (meaning it was good to watch)
  • Art is average or above average
  • Music is enjoyable /may be listened to many times
  • Character designs leave a good impression, characters are likable
  • Enjoyability levels are very good, I thoroughly enjoyed the anime with very few qualms

  9 -10

  • Plot is amaaaazingly written/ beautiful / really damn funny/ made me cry
  • Art is stunning
  • Music is the top played on my ipod / anticipated for the song to come out for DAYS
  • Characters show proper emotions and reflect on real life / All characters are likable
  • Perfect or almost perfect, I loved watching this through and may consider watching it again in the future


Wow, for someone who doesn’t take rating seriously, I think this is pretty damn good.

Happy watching cyanimers


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