Top 5: Anime Characters

I know I already have a Top 5: Anime Girls section, but that’s really kind of old and outdated. Plus it kind of includes girls that are from really popular series and girls that are fawned over by many a person. In this new list, it will also include and represent the male population, (except I only have one male character). This list could also change as new characters are churned out by the season. This review unlike others will contain spoilers due to the nature of the topics.

Honourable Mention: Aoyama, Nanami


Nanami is a character from Sakurasou and she is one of the better characters in the show. She has a cute quirky Japanese accent when she gets frustrated and she is a hard worker. She wants to achieve things on her own which creates this unique personality of her. The way she acts when she talks to Sorata is very cute and I like the way she responds to it. It’s really disappointing to see her get rejected but at the same time she was never an opponent for Shina. She’s pretty, funny, hardworking and an independent individual and you are going to notice a trend with my favourite characters because they are generally all like that.

Number 5: Linda (Nana)


Linda is a character from Goldentime and possibly the only redeeming factor of the whole anime. Despite the ending of the anime being the most disappointing ending, you can’t help but fall in love with Linda. She is the reason we all watched Goldentime in the first place. To be honest, I think I liked the high-school version of Linda the best (but don’t we all). She’s the best friend girl-type that will always be the only the best friend. Due to the nature of how timings worked out in Banri’s life, he couldn’t date Linda and honestly she was definitely the best choice. She was a down-to-earth girl who was pretty, smart, not high-maintenance and she was independent as well. I’m still pretty upset that Banri didn’t choose Linda because they had such amazing scenes together but, it makes for a good number 5 on my list.

Number 4: Ayuzawa, Misaki


Misaki is the main character from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. It helps that the whole anime is focused on her for the whole time so that we can view Misaki’s personality in a large extent. She is the same kind of girl as Aoyama, a tackle on everything girl who can do everything by herself. She has a black-belt, and she can take on any unwanted guy. You don’t want to be on the bad side of Misaki. She again is very independent, but the best parts about her is when she wants to be dependent. It takes a very special person for Misaki to be dependent on him and I guess Usui would fit that description very well. Their relationship goes above and beyond the word cute, and I have to say that if it weren’t for Usui that Misaki would be a fairly one-directional character. Misaki is stunning in a maid, she is head-strong, street-strong, an independent hrd worker and has a funny personality.

Number 3: Miyazono, Kaori


Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I think one of the main characters from an amazing anime such as Shigatsu deserves a spot in my top 5 anime characters for sure. Kaori is the definition of colour for our heroine Arima. She is energetic, lovely, and spontaneous. The way she talks about music and how it affects us is correct in so many ways. If you are a musician, the way that Kaori talks about making music is the way we should all exemplify when we play whatever we are. “What’s your image”. What is the image that you want to project to people when you play music. Speak, sing, through your music and you will go places. For Kaori she does this at every appearance on the stage because she knows that life is too short to not express what you want. She always wants to take every opportunity for everyone to hear her performances and she doesn’t waste any expression in her music. She is always positive and always cheerful, Never a dull-moment when you are near Kaori Miyazono. *I hope she doesn’t die*

Number 2: Mashima, Taichi


Taichi from Chihayafuru. Where do I start with this character. I am going to go into manga spoilers in this review of taichi so please don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled. He is the only male character on this list and he is well deserved of this spot. I think I aspire to have most of the personality traits that Taichi has. For one thing, this guy has it all but really has nothing he wants. He has the looks, he’s very good at sports, he is the top of the class but he cannot obtain Chihaya’s love and he cannot beat Arata at Karuta. He exerts all of his time and all of his energy at both of these goals. He wants to beat Arata at something in his life. Whether it be winning at Karuta or winning over Chihaya, at the very least one of these two factors will come true. The fact of the matter is, Taichi has tried everything in his power for the past two years or so to obtain one of these goals. We also know that Taichi has had the most character development in the manga for any character including Chihaya herself. Taichi is the most dynamic character and what he does is what drives this manga. Now recently he has been rejected by Chihaya and says “I am not made out of stone”, steals a kiss, and runs off and quits Karuta. Well wait a second, does this mean that Taichi has completely lost out on his goals for the past 2 years of his life?! Maybe, but I see this as a turning point in the manga. These two goals have always unattainable in Taichi’s eyes. He can’t beat Arata no matter how hard he tries. He came to the point where he got desperate and confessed with his last chance on his Birthday. He gets rejected, but now all Chihaya sees is how much pain she brought Taichi. How she ignored him for years even though he was always right beside him. And now, even Chihaya has quit the karuta club and maybe, just maybe, we will see a turning point and success for Taichi in at least one of the aspects. Getting Chihaya, or beating Arata in becoming meijin. For me, I think the manga is going in the direction where he will win Chihaya and lose to Arata in the meijin fight because really, all Arata cares about is becoming the Meijin. He does care for Chihaya but would he be the best fit for Chihaya? I think not. Do you think the author would write so much about Taichi just so he could lose in his life objectives? I think not. This manga still has about another year or two left of material before we really find out what happens and hopefully by that time I will have accomplished learning Japanese so that I can read the chapters faster than they are translated.

Number 1: Kirisaki, Chitoge


Chitoge is from the very popular shounen Nisekoi. I thought long and hard about who should sit on top, if it was going to be Taichi or if it was going to be Chitoge. I really ended up choosing Chitoge because she is a female who represents a lot of the female type characters that I enjoy watching in anime. This would be of course the lovely Tsundere model. I love tsundere’s, from Kirisaki, Kirino, Asuna, Misaki all of these girls are so perfectly created to fit in this false stereotype. I don’t actually think girls act like a tsundere which makes it really extra special towards this genre. It is amazing how cute a girl is when she is madly in love, doesn’t realize it, and gets angry at the boy. For Chitoge herself, I love how amazingly pretty she is drawn and honestly love the way that she acts around Raku. I really don’t like Raku, but besides that, I think that Chitoge really defines the reason why Nisekoi works with the false relationship. It just wouldn’t work without a Tsundere lead. It would just be so weird to watch this anime interaction with anything else. Of course the manga has gone off to be nothing but a School-time harem shit show (pardon my french) but it really isn’t good right now. There is a lot of good material in the manga but recently it has not been. I hope the second season will pick and draw out the main plot of the story rather than all these filler arcs we’re getting from the artist.


Top 5: Relationships that will never happen

This is a sad topic for me, I really love relationships and when they don’t go my way I’m a sucker for the other person. It almost makes me depressed to the point where I feel like I was the one who got rejected instead of an anime character. Call me a Romance Otaku pls. I rated this on these criteria, the amount of pain that it caused when they didn’t get together and also how well they would have looked together. Let’s take a look at my top 5 relationships that will never happen. I pretty much have a love hate relationship with love triangles… By the way, I’m going out of my way and making guesses for the relationships that are obviously not going to happen. At this point in time, I’m guessing that three of the five aren’t going to happen and I know for sure that two of the five aren’t going to happen. So yes, I will be speculating that they will never happen. But this post CLEARLY CONTAINS SPOILERS. So if you don’t like spoilers then don’t read. But if you are butt hurt about some relationships like I am then go right ahead and read…

Rolling in at number 5….

5. Nisekoi: Ichijou and Onodera


Now, I know the anime isn’t over, but let’s face it fans this isn’t going to happen. I mean, look at where the anime is going with the show. We are ten episodes in and they are slowly pulling Kirisaki and Ichijou closer and closer. I mean the whole premise of the show is to make the false-love into a real one. But without getting into too much of a debate lets talk about Onodera and Ichijou.

Cute, so cute. The reason why this isn’t a little higher is because they just don’t really have that much interaction between them. Yes they get a lot of screentime together and yes they like each other a lot, but there really isn’t too much depth behind the love. I mean a 10 year ago promise? That has no depth if you don’t remember the person or their name. WHAT KIND OF PROMISE IS THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR NAME… Also, they look cute together, they really do. But they just have that reaction to each other. I like that feeling sometimes, but at the end of the day, what really matters to me the most is how much depth there is in our friendship and what it means to me. I could go on about friendship and more, but this is just too much. Onodera and Ichijou will never happen.

Reasons being:

1. Kirisaki is the main premise of the show, she is the main girl and she will fall in love with Ichijou
2. Onodera and Ichijou would be a “cute” couple but a couple with no depth to it.
3. Ichijou is definitely falling in love with Kirisaki, he knows her quirks and her quarks and this is clearly the direction of the show.

Heart breaking for me, but I like kirisaki more anyways if you couldn’t tell. I think either matchup would fit, but kirisaki and Ichijou work way better


4. Toradora: Ryuuji x Minori

minori x ryuuji


Ahh everyone loves a classic. I don’t have as much to say about this since it’s already done.. BUT, the whole point of the show was supposed to be to get together with Minori and somehow turned around and he went for Taiga… GO FIGURE!

Well, what’s so sad about this is that she has a beautiful heart and she really liked Ryuuji in the end. I think she is so kind a thoughtful. Her personality is sparking and energetic and I like girls who are like that. I think she will learn a lot from this heart ache and we can take a lot from this anime.

3. Golden Time: Banri and Linda

Banri x Linda


When the rain falls, when the wind blows… When the flowers scatter, when the shadows loom… In every sign I’ll search for your voice. – Banri

Well, it’s been a couple days since I posted about Linda and Banri and I think it’s time to face the fact that they are probably not getting together in the series. It just wouldn’t make any sense. Koko and Banri are written all over the OP’s and ED’s and there’s like a 1000% chance that they are not getting together. Does this mean I think Koko is a better fit for Banri? HELL NO. Linda was 100000% better choice. She stuck beside him thick and thin. How is it her fault that he fell off the bridge. THATS NOT LINDA’S FAULT. I mean, of course we don’t know what she was going to say on that bridge but still. LOOK AT HER NOW. I love linda, her personality is off the charts awesome. Her interactions with Banri are OFF THE CHARTS AWESOME. Look at Koko, she is SUCH A B%@#! “Oh I broke up with you yesterday, lets be friends” Okay, that’s not how it works Koko. You are being a total…. AIUHF. I was actually warming up to the idea of Koko being his girlfriend but now I can’t handle it. It’s too much. She doesn’t deserve Banri. Banri deserves Linda… Case closed #teamlinda

2. Sakurasou: Sorata and Nanami

Sorata x Nanami


“You know, I’ve always… always… loved you… No, I really I love you” – Nanami

I LOVED THIS ANIME. The love triangle in this was too much for me to handle sometimes. It’s almost DEPRESSING to see how much Nanami loved Sorata and didn’t say anything. I think it’s the most painful thing to HOLD IT IN. How can you love someone so much and not tell them. It’s probably the most painful thing ever. EVER. I’ve experienced it before and it’s not fun. Probably the worst regret in my whole life is not telling someone that I loved them. You can’t get over them until they reject you. That’s just how it is.

Again, the anime is just set-up for Mashiro. Nanami really almost had 0 chance to take it away. I mean, she is probably the most sincere, best couple material for Sorata. But how can you NOT LIKE MASHIRO. But I was pretty damn sad in this anime. I felt Nanami’s pain 100% of the way. Probably portrayed in one of the best ways possible. This might sound weird, but I love watching the heart ache, I love watching the pain. Not because it’s fun, but because I’ve been there before and knowing that someone else knows my pain and shares it makes everything feel better. If you can connect to an anime like this, it’s the best.

1. Chihayafuru: Taichi and Chihaya

taichi x chihaya


Yeah, I’m hopelessly in love with Chihaya. – Taichi

I think I’m going to cry. This one is the most heart breaking one by far. I’m going to sound like I’m yelling at Chihaya for a second… This guy, has had it out for you since he was a kid and he might have done some stupid things in the past as a kid but look at him now. A full grown man, ready to do anything for you Chihaya. This guy’s love for you is UNBREAKABLE and yet you don’t even see him. He has been playing Karuta all his life for what?! To become a master?! I don’t think he could care less about becoming a master to be honest. He’s doing it for you. He’s doing it for his own conviction, to prove that talent doesn’t beat hard work. That hard work can overcome those who do less. He strives to become the person who will achieve this goal. He’s done all of this for you Chihaya and you don’t see it. You don’t see him. All you see is a distant man, who really, has never been there for you. He may love you back, you may even stay with him forever, but you are going to lose the one asset, the one friend, the one support you have had YOUR ENTIRE LIFE if you go with Arata. Open your eyes Chihaya, the boy you once knew before you is now a man.

omg. I’m almost tearing up because its so sad. ITS SO SAD. The mangaka is CLEARLY headed towards Chihaya and Arata. I still have hope, that the mangaka has a soul… I still have hope that she will pick hardwork and determination over “destiny love”. That’s literally how I feel that Arata and Chihaya are like. It’s like DESTINY. THEY WERE MEANT TO BE. BULLSHIT. (excuse my french) I hate that. I HATE THAT. In-fact most of these love triangles were like that. Destiny love… ugh. Makes me sick. This guy has fallen head over heels for Chihaya and I can’t take it anymore. The manga comes out way too slow. If you haven’t watched this anime… WATCH IT WHAT ARE YOU DOING. GO.

Classic example of Hardwork vs Talent and of course we all cheer for Taichi. I literally can’t accept Arata. I can’t fathom or understand why Chihaya loves Arata so much that she is blinded to the fact that Taichi is there. I just hope that she realizes what she does if she does go out with Arata. If she goes with Arata I seriously hope that Taichi stops being friends with Chihaya…. I actually hope that happens. If she picks Arata over Taichi I hope Taichi leaves her. It’s not healthy to stay around someone who ignores your every move. [aka my ex-girlfriend before we started dating] At this point in time, Chihaya has no boyfriend. But I hope that it will end up being Taichi… please… Arata doesn’t fit the picture.

I think I’m going to go watch some depressing AMV’s about Chihaya and Taichi now.. T_T sob. sob. sob.

chihaya x taichi

Nisekoi 06


She comes out clean with the truth to her new found friends. Of course, I was hoping for some more drama towards this but then again, it wasn’t such a big deal to begin with. I mean now Onodera has nothing to worry about it. What is she going to do with this information? I guess we’ll just have to find out. Kirisaki as cute as she is still doesn’t know about her own feelings about Ichijou. They both are kind of stuck in a place where they know they have something but at the same time find it extremely awkward to like someone like that.

Ugh, are they going to wait until the last episode to sort out this pendant business? I kind of want Kirisaki and Ichijou’s relationship to go a bit faster seeing how this show is only 12 episodes. At the same time, I like the pace it’s going at just because it feels a lot more natural than rushing it. In reality, things wouldn’t move so fast anyways, and I also like how shy Kirisaki gets when she tries to be apologetic. I think it’s so cute.

JEEZ, that was so close. Onodera almost confessed. I think for sure they are going to do it soon. I wonder how he’s going to react and if he has any feelings for Kirisaki. Uh -oh kirisaki don’t lose the race now. Please don’t lose yet!

This is turning out to be a fairly generic romcom. I mean, it’s not bad but its nothing to be amazed at. The thing is though, I really like generic rom-coms so that doesn’t even matter to me. It doesn’t need to be unique to be good. Also, liking the fact that it’s not based on misunderstandings like most romcoms are based off of. So glad.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10

Nisekoi 05


Ehhh, Why is there always a swimsuit episode. Is number 5 cursed with always being  swimsuit episode?! But that being said, this IS Nisekoi we are talking about here so it can’t be that bad.

This episode was OKAY. It wasn’t amazing and it wasn’t anything horrible. I think it would have been better if there was something more than just that swim meet. I mean, they really didn’t do too much and didn’t really progress the plot too much. Onodera’s friend is really suspicious though, and we also know that Ichijou is really suspicious of Onodera being THAT person from years ago.

Aw, my heart skipped a beat when Ichijou dived in the pool to save….. well I don’t want to spoil that part either. But it was a good moment in this episode and worth noting. He didn’t hesitate, at all. He just WENT IN IMMEDIATELY. Key point.

I was having a conversation with my friend on who we thought was better. Onodera or Kirisaki? I’m curious to know what you guys think. Who do you think is better, Onodera or Kirisaki. On one hand, I really like the fact that there’s this long standing love between Onodera and Ichijou. I think it’s almost cheesy (but in a good way) romance that just ties everything together. Kirisaki on the other hand, is everything that I like about tsundere anime girls. They pretty much dominate my top 5 girls with the exception of Sakura. Well, both me and my friend went with Kirisaki. I like Kirisaki way better actually.

Also, another question. What do you think of Onodera’s hair? Like? Dislike? My friend and I are also unsure how we feel about her hair. It looks interesting to me at least.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10

Nisekoi 04


Ahh, it’s good to be young huh. I really enjoyed this episode. It was hilarious, it was funny, it was really cute. I have to say I like this love triangle. It’s not really dramatic so much as it is cute. Onodera and Ichijou are really cute. But I can say the same towards Kirisaki and Ichijou as well. It’s not like Golden Time where Linda is super cute and Kaga is kinda shafted. The circle here could swing either way. But again, super obvious that Kirisaki is going to get together with Ichijou.

I think this anime did a real good job at portraying how Kirisaki falls in love with Ichijou. I mean, they really are a lovey-dovey couple when it all comes down to it. They flirt non-stop each episode. I mean, they might not think that, but they really are flirting every episode. So cute.

I really like kirisaki, I also like onodera. But I think Kirisaki is winning the edge on this one. This episode just portrayed so much of her and how cute she is. This anime’s setting is so strange and yet so unique that it’s so good. I really love the story line and the comedy. I just really appreciate going intoIchijou’s brain sometimes. Because that’s how guys in love think a lot of the time… “OHH HER SMELL IS SO NICE” LOL.

Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10

Nisekoi 03


When you need them the most they are there, when you need someone to talk to they are there. When you want to see them, meet them, or just hear their voice, they are there. Of course I’m talking about one thing, a best friend. Oh how we take these little things for granted when we need them the most. Best friends are amazing things, best friends are a blessing to have and best friends are essential to living. For some people this concept of best friend comes easily since they have such a friend described above. Be thankful for such an amazing person in your life.

For others, they don’t have the luxury of having such a person in their life. Sometimes, not being able to share the pain, the sorrows, and the laughter is too much to handle. When I watched this episode I was a little sad. Having no friends is a sad thing. It’s depressing to see someone endure pain alone. It’s hurtful to even think of where I would be if I didn’t have my best friend. To my best friend Bee (who I know isn’t reading this) thanks for always listening and being there in my time of need. We all need a best friend to listen and talk to, and it all starts with being a friend to someone.

Poor Kirisaki, I really don’t know what kind of pain she has been through, but it obviously doesn’t show. I know this is a cutesy anime and they probably won’t show how painful it is since seeing how she almost automatically will get a new best friend from Ichijou. That key scene. Hahah, I thought they were just going to bust the secret there, but how naive of me. Of course they are going to prolong that plot a bit more. Oh Onedera, just come out with it! It’s not that hard, confess your feelings! Of course, I think she is doing the right thing. If she knows that Ichijou is dating someone, then she is doing the right thing and not confessing.

For the next episode OOOO I wonder what’s going to happen. “What do they mean by act”

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10

Nisekoi 02


False love indeed, lol. This episode was all about pulling off the gag by going out on a date. I think we all know it is extremely obvious that these two characters are going to fall in love, it’s just that this story is so strange it makes it really interesting. The fake date went pretty well, considering all things except for the fact that onodera kind of dropped into their act.

Kinda sucks, the girl you have a crush on and the girl you think has a crush on you is turned down because he already has a “girlfriend”. Ouch. That must have sucked. I can’t really say I’ve ever been in that situation, and I’m sure most of us can’t either. Poor ichijou kun. I hope that Onedera comes out with the truth soon. I feel like this situation is almost the same as Golden Time except less dramatic. Well, dramatic in different senses I guess.

Not too much left to say about this episode, other than the hand holding. I guess hand holding is really a staple for all the anime’s this week. Held hands in Pilot’s love song, held hands in Chuunibyou, held hands in this one too.

Also, one more thing to note is that “Click” by ClariS is not the ED it’s the OP. I guess they do that sometimes for the first episode and sometimes the last episode they like to switch it up.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10