Pilot’s Love Song 04


Noooo, Noo, REALLY?! I am actually so shocked at that ending I have no idea what to say. I already had to say so much about this episode because it gave us a lot of information but that ending really just added so much more spice to the dish. I was not expecting that. I really thought we had something good going on between Claire and Kal-el… Oh well, I guess not anymore hahah. I wonder how soon they are going to reveal their identities to each other. It’s such a strange situation. I mean she’s seen the guy naked for crying out loud.

How can you not love that moment. Your crush is sleeping next to you, half naked, all alone on the water waiting to be rescued. LOL. I don’t know what to say about that, other than, sheesh who actually thought of that situation.

Aw man, Arial is SO CUTE. I want a little sister EXACTLY LIKE THAT! Worries about me and then slaps me when I’m missing because she doesn’t know where I am and is worried. I mean, that’s just pure gold right there. At the end right there I just wanted them to hug. Like, every show needs a little more sibling love. (except oreimo). I thought it was really sweet how Ari really thinks of her brother. I love the relationship between the two of them and I don’t think I could really stop talking about how much I love it. But alas, I will stop for all of your sakes.

I love learning about peoples past, more past please. I love flashbacks, they are so good. Esp the ones in golden time. I love those Linda/Banri Flashbacks. Okay I’ll stop about goldentime, but this show really loves using flashbacks as well. I love background story and all that jazz so I don’t mind the amount of flashbacks this show has. As long as it doesn’t repeat too much information we already know about the show.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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